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Touring the island of Kefalonia

Following are some places you should visit during your stay at Makis Apartments.

Top Villages in Kefalonia Island


Argostoli is situated at the southern part of the island and its the capital of Cephalonia since 1797. It is built amphitheatrically at the heart of the deep golf of Koutavos and it has a well organised port. It is the biggest town of the island with rich trade activity, a town that looks to the sea. The architecture is influenced by all the Ionian elements where overmaster the red roofs and wide terraces. Its town planning is modern with large streets and many roads for pedestrians. The trade centre of the town is between Lithostroto and Sitemboron st, while the cultural centre lays at the main square where numerous cafes, restaurants and bars are gathered.


Lixouri is the second biggest town of the island. It is situated at the south-western part of the island, in front of Argostoli and the two of them are connected with a ferry boat. Lixouri was called "piccolo Parigi"- small Paris - because of a small river that divides the town in two parts, like Sicuana divides Paris. This nick name though comes true because of the intense cultural activity of the town. Protector Saint of the town is the famous local author and poet, Andreas Leskaratos, whose statue overmasters the coastal avenue with its back turned to Argostoli.

Fiskardo Village

Welcome to Fiscardo, the picturesque and beautiful Greek harbour village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia. Of the approximate 365 villages on this large and diverse island, Fiscardo is unique in that it was left virtually unscathed during the great earthquake of 1953, that ruined most of the islands historic buildings. Traditional fishing boats moor alongside the more extravagant temporary visitors during the summer. Fiscardo at night takes on an entirely different perspective. The lights, the old buildings, cafe, bars and restaurants all combine to provide a magical Mediterranean atmosphere..

Assos Village

Assos is a small and picturesque fishing village 36 kilometers away from Argostoli and about 50km from Skala. It is known for its imposing 16th century Venetian fortress. The fortress was built in 1585, when Assos became the capital of the northern part of the island, and it is a typical masterpiece of the Renaissance architecture. Today, one can still see the ruins of the walls, the house of the Venetian chief-master, military buildings and St Marco's church.

Skala Village

Skala is located at the south - east corner of the island. Beside of the beautiful scenery and the long sandy fully organized beach, here you can also find everything you need from a variety of banks, public services, supermarkets,caffe's, bar restaurants, pharmacies and many more.

Poros Village

Poros is the second biggest port of the island, just a few kilometers north of Skala. It has a beautiful long beach with caffe's and traditional taverns. It also has ,many small beaches reached by 4X4 vehicles.

Sami Village

The port of the island. A trully beautiful place to enjoy your walkabout, taste fresh fish and buy souvenirs. Surrounded by green mountains and water with amazing clarity.